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A (Not So) Brief Defense of Christianity by: James F. Williams
Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian Sources by: Dr. Michael Gleghorn
Christian Apologetics by: Rick Wade
Christianity and Religious Pluralism by: Rick Wade
Darwin on Trial by: Dr. Ray Bohlin
Defending Biblical Inerrancy by: Dr. Harold C. Felder
Discerment: A Biblical Imperative by: Dr. Miguel Gonzalez
Evidence for the Resurrection by: Dr. Harold C. Felder
How Do You Spell Truth? by: Don Closson
How I Know Christianity Is True by: Dr. Patrick Zukeran
Jesus by: Rusty Wright
Proving the Bible is Divine By Examining Its Prophetic Writings by: Dr. Harold C. Felder
The Bible's Uniqueness by: Dr. Miguel Gonzalez
The Case for a Creator by: Gene Herr
The Case for Christ by: Dr. Ray Bohlin
The Relevance of Christianity: An Apologetic by: Rick Wade
The Truth About Truth by: Dr. Miguel Gonzalez

Christian Living

A Soul Set Free by: Dr. Miguel J. Gonzalez
Seven Things Believers Possess by: Dr. Miguel J. Gonzalez

Cults & World Religions

Character of the Cults by: Dr. Patrick Zukeran

Culture and Society

The Closing of the American Heart by: Don Closson

Current Issues

American Government and Christianity by: Kirby Anderson
Arguments Against Abortion by: Kerby Anderson
Atonement in Word of Faith by: Harold Felder
Marriage, Family, and Political Views by: by Kirby Anderson
Measuring Morality by: Lou Whitworth
Redeeming The Da Vinci Code by: Michael Gleghorn
The Declaration and Constitution: Their Christian Roots by: Kerby Anderson
The Decline of a Nation by: Kerby Anderson
The Gospel of Judas by: Patrick Zukeran
The Tomb of Jesus: A Titanic Discovery or Hype? by: Patrick Zukeran


Israel's History Written in Advance by: Richard Milne


Authority of the Bible by: Patrick Zukeran
Claims of Divinity by Jesus in the Gospel of John by: Rev. Harold Felder
Essential Doctrines by: Gregory Koukl
God and the Future: Examining The Open View of God by: Rick Wade
Justification by: Craig S. Hawkins
The Christian Canon by: Don Closson
The Christian Mind by: Jerry Solomon
The Jesus We Never Knew by: Dr. Douglas Groothuis
What is Christianity? by: Gregory Koukl
Why Care About History? by: Jerry Solomon




This page will contain topical articles that address various contemporary issues in a variety of categories that affect the life and walk of believers. Those categories will range from theological issues to practical topics of interest designed to assist those seeking to know more about the Christian faith and the Bible and to edify and strengthen the faith of believers.

Our principal goal is threefold:

  1. To assist in bringing individuals to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ

  2. To edify believers and equip them for service

  3. Recover, promote, and propagate the historical, orthodox doctrines of the Faith.

Our Mission  
  1. To recover the historical, orthodox doctrines of the Faith and our Evangelical Protestant heritage.

  2. To promote biblical literacy within the Christian community at-large and the study of the inerrant and inspired Word of God.

  3. To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone in a lost and dying world.

We seek to accomplish this through the various outreaches formed under the umbrella of RFFIM. 

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