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There are 4 simple steps to signing up to give online.
It's safe and secure: all you'll need are a few minutes to go through the process...

  1. Choose your donation type: One Time Gift or Recurring Gift

  2. Enter Donation Amount

  3. Login or Register if this is your first time giving via PayPal, verify your choices using our secure servers

  4. Acceptance and receipt of your donation.

Benefits of on-line giving:

  • Itís Convenient - No need to send in an offering by mail when youíre on a trip.

  • Itís Simpler Ė No need to get out a pen and write out an envelope and check.

  • Itís a No-brainer Ė Setting up a donation schedule makes giving a no-brainer.


You will be prompted for the amount on paypals
web site.


Setup Recurring MONTHLY donation:  

Use the form below to setup a recurring payment.
This can be for any amount and for as many months as you wish to have it repeat for.

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